Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I celebrated the Holy Week in one of the Uatucarbau’s parish stations, in Afalikai, which is about 13 kilo meters far from the center of the parish. The people are very simple. But they were keen to attend and take part in the celebrations of Masses during the Holy Week. The meditation on the Way of the Cross on the  Good Friday, dramatizied by the school children. It was very nice. Because although they are disenfranchised in the mountains, but they were able to translate the message of the Scripture into their version. We walked on praying and singing for a distance of about 8 kilo meters to the Matebian mountain, one of the highest mountain in the area that is still considered sacred by local people.

One thing that concerned me as long as there is the chapel in the Station, which does not have adequate facilities. The building is quite simple. None of the seats or benches are provided for the people. They were forced standing during the Masses. I myself felt so sorry for the people who are willing to come from afar, and stand along in the chapel during the celebrations. When the nights came, we also carried out all celebrations in the dark, because there are not any electricity power yet. Such a view, not only in Afalikai, because almost all existing chapels in the parish of Uatucarbau, have not equipped with adequate seats and benches. How can we attract people to come into our ceremonies, if there are no any benches and chairs for the people? We, the priests are allowed to sit and stand, while the people stand up and hold all the festivities? But eventually I realized that without any bench or seat, the people remained faithful following the celebrations. And I am very confident, Easter grace remains to stay upon them. *** (Kasmir Nema)

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