Wednesday, April 25, 2012

LA BORUS : LAHURUS - April Up Date (1)

Traditional name for Lahurus in Tetun is La Borus, which means: Could not pass through. In antiquity, there was a forest in the region and it was very dense and forbidding. It was a feared forest and no one dared to pass through. It was said that  people who have tried to pass through the forest, never returned. Then the villagers called the place, "Could not pass through" or La Borus. Later, this term became the name of Lahurus village, located at the foot of the mountain of Laka’an, the second highest mountain in Timor-Indonesia. Lahurus basin located in the border between Indonesia and Timor-Leste. Now Lahurus included to Belu regency. When the Jesuits missionaries from Holland came to Atapupu, Timor-Holland, at the end of the 19th century to re-pioneer the mission which abandoned by the Dominican Portuguese missionaries, Lahurus was chosen as their mission base. 

In March 1, 2012, at 8 am, I left Atambua, the capital of the Belu regency, with my little red Yamaha Vega motor-bike, and since over the bridge of Fatuk Banao, my head was full of shadows of the name of places which mentioned in the book of the History of the Catholic Church in Timor. Up on the bridge of Baukama river, I stood on the bridge for a long time, contemplating the "sacred" river, as far as my eye could reach, and imagining where was the places Fr. Peter Noyen got down from his horse-back and did his rest, as he wrote in his diary. Getting up close to the slopes of Laka'an mountain, when my bike loud roaring on the road, I recalled the head of the horse Fr. Noyen, grunting tired and thirsty, but kept going with a fiery passion for the children cheered on the horses following the missionary from the rear. So after reaching the center of the Parish of Larurus and finding various preparations of the committee, I told myself that the opening of the celebration of the Jubilee of the SVD in Lalurus, really was a pilgrimage trail.

Babadok (small drums) that beaten rhythmically by the children in a Likurai dancing, welcoming the Bishop of Atambua and the Superiors of the SVD and SSpS Indonleste, after putting necklaces of traditional tais to these honor guests, insistent a beautiful harmony into the ear. It was really heartbreaking and makes hair-raising goose bumps. Census pulcra or the artistic sense of the human being was shaken to contemplate the facinosum One through the census religiosa of the faithful Christian who packed the parish church of Lahurus. The words in the Gospel of Bethlehem, again sounded in my ears, which was applied to the village of the first Timor-born bishop, Mgr. Gabriel Manek, SVD, were: "Lahurus, you are not the smallest in land of the Melus. Today you have been confirmed again to be the rock of the SVD of Indonesia and the Catholic people of Timor". My mouth muttered as I ran back and forth to snap this rare moment. When I returned, I still tried to approach Laka'an to get the best portrait, but the clouds not permitted me to take pictures of that sacred mountain. *** (Prisco Virgo)


  1. Well, no doubt Lahurus is a very historical place for the SVD Indonesia and Timor Leste. The only question appears into my mind, perhaps with many other svds and friends, why svd does not run any parishes or centers in Lahurus just to keep that flame of such ‘history’ on the air? This question seems naive to be raised as many people would more appreciate on the real presence of the SVD and its mission for hundred years than such a tiny issue of ‘’documenting’’.