Wednesday, April 25, 2012


SOVERDI community members of SVD Kuluhun, Dili, Timor-Leste, selected March 24, 2012 for a Lenten recollection. Sister Margaretha Abuk, SSpS of the SSpS community of Sabraka Laran, Dili, Timor-Leste, led the recollection. Asking a companion from outside the community to lead the recollection was a collective agreement of Kuluhun SVD community since June 2011 and it ran since December 2011. At the community recollection in Adventus 2011, Brother Belo, CMM, was the companion. We were all very happy that both of them, Brother and Sister, presenting the reflection materials that were actually related to our every day life in the community, as well as our service to the people. I still remembered one thing that was emphasized by Brother Belo in December 2011. Namely, the community of brotherly love. Often we are proud of our success outside the community, but when we return home, we become strangers in our own homes.

At the recollection of the pre-Easter of 2012, Sister Abuk emphasizes the balance between action and comtemplation. These two things are a breath in our missionary work. We pray not only for the time provided by the community, but pray for we are human persons who have love and compassion. Prayers that flow from love that we have, will unite us with the One Who calls us and our fellow people we serve. So beautiful words of Sister Abuk (former Regional of SSpS Timor-Leste) that I could record in my head and heart. She also said that if people keep busy and always feel there is no time for discernment and prayer, the angels would not be able to do anything, even if they ask God to create a 25th hour in a day in order to be a special day to pray. Because for the members who are excessive and "love" working too much, the 25th hour that prepared for praying, will be used for working as well. The Lenten Season is a time of self renewal and to reform many things that perhaps we already knew and ran in our mission work every day. But we still need time to reflect on and do discernments to fix our activities, so that we know exactly what God wants us to do.

The recollection was followed by religious reverence for the Blessed Sacrament in the chapel and closed with a dinner. The meal was, as well as, to mark the birthday celebrations of Fr. Gabriel Suban (47 years old, March 22) and Br. Albert Erasimy (73 years old, March 10). Br. Albert is a new member of the SVD community of Kuluhun. He just moved from Nenuk, West Timor,  to Dili. The presence of Br. Albert in Dili, increasing the number of the members of us to 14 people: 12 priests, 1 Brother and 1 Seminarian. There were two bottles of Sampagne, a birthday cake and a goat were sacrificed for this event. The goat came from Fr. Gabriel personal efforts in the village of Hera, as an example for community self-reliance. Thanks Sr. Margaretha and parabens Fr. Gabriel and Br. Albert.*** (Prisco Virgo)

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