Wednesday, April 25, 2012


From March 2 to 6, 2012, there was an annual meeting of the Superiors of the SVD and SSpS of Indoleste (Indonesia-Timor Leste) in Kuluhun, Dili, Timor-Leste. The hosts of this meeting were the Regional Superior of the SVD Timor-Leste, Fr. Gabriel Suban and Regional Superior of the SSpS Timor-Leste, Sr. Arminda Maia. Presenting at this meeting includeed the Java SVD Provincial (Provincial Coordinator for Indonleste SVD), SVD Provincial of Ruteng, SVD Provincial of Ende, SVD Provincial of Timor, SSpS Provincial of Java, SSpS Provincial of Kalimantan, SSpS Provincial of West Flores, SSpS Provincial of East Flores, and SSpS Provincial of Timor (Provincial Coordinator for SSpS Indoleste). The main ingredient of this meeting was a routine evaluation of jointly programs that usually determined by the superiors for a period of one year. The meeting also was an opportunity for sharing the grace of work among the provincials and regionals of the sub-zone region of SVD and SSpS Indoleste. At this meeting, Vivat International of SVD and SSpS Indoleste also was to be included. So the superiors could hear the work plan of the commission and explore the possibilities for developing cooperation with other Religious Congregation.  

On the sidelines of the meeting, especially in the third and fourth days, participants also paid a visit to the Quassi Parish of Hera (entrusted by the Bishop of Dili in December 2011 to the SVD), SSpS Novitiate in Hera, Congregation of Putri Reinha Rosary (PRR, founded by the late Bishop Gabriel Manek, SVD) in Aimutin, Dili. At these visits, the Mass was held together and having meals of brotherhood. On March 4, 2012, the  Superiors were making rates sowing pilgrimages to Santa Cruz. A resource person presented to convey some important notes about the event that happened at the largest Catholic cemetery in Dili, in 1991. Then they were proceeding to a site of pilgrimage of Pope John Paul II in the western region of Dili and the statue of Chirst the King in the East. The same meeting will be held again in 2013 to come and SVD Provincial of Timor will be the host. According to the agreement between the Superiors, the meeting will occur at the retreat house of the SSpS in Belo, Kupang, East Nusa Tenggara. *** (Prisco Virgo)

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